Boredom, thy name is Franklin.

Other than a few days where I was considering building an arc, the weather here has been less than impressive. Storm chasing has been a bust as there has been nothing worth chasing here.

On the plus side I acquired a Canon Powershot G11 super cheap. It was a gamble as I didn’t know for sure what was wrong with it. The only thing wrong was broken display, 8 bucks on eBay and waiting for it to come from china and I was in business. It works beautifully and I finally managed to get a G series camera. Yay me!

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A Little Lightning


Only good shot from last night.

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When in Rome

Yes, I went to Florida for a few weeks. Got to finally meet Hal, awesome guy hope to see him again someday. But it was Florida and it was unbearably hot. I spent a lot of time in the hotel room and Becky’s relatives house hiding from the heat.

When I did get out I did what I always do, took out the camera.


Ahh clouds

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Something old/new

Added my Instagram feed to the site. The link is above in the header. Why did I do this you ask? Because I can!

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Slow starter

There’s nothing new under the sun!

Seriously though, it’s the middle of march and no storms yet. Nothing to chase, nothing to photograph. It’s just now starting to warm up, thank you God! If this is what spring is going to be then we might as well move on to summer.

Music? Nope, haven’t written or worked on anything in at least two months. I’m having a hard time getting motivated. The blah weather is not helping!

I spent almost a full week in bed thanks to my Crohn’s. It was horrible, I haven’t felt pain like that since I was diagnosed and I hope I never have to feel it again. I won’t even talk about the other parts other than to say it will be a long time before I can eat certain foods again! Ugh!

Tired of my whining yet? Yeah, me too.

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It seems to me that no matter the season, I am unhappy with it. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, fall is too short, spring is kinda iffy. I haven’t decided what the change in my attitude is attributed to yet. My age? Global warming(hehe)? Grumpy syndrome? I may be on to something there, grumpy syndrome. It’s something that seems to be catching like wildfire. You can’t walk out the door without bumping into someone who has it.

Although it seems to be most prevalent on the roads, road rage, I wonder where it comes from? If I really think about it, it seems like it showed up about the same time Walm*** became a major chain. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Think about it, every time you walk into one of their stores the first thing you see is 40 checkout lanes. How many of those lanes are open? 25? 30? No there are 5 open. Lets see, the parking lot is huge and full of cars. The store is full of people walking around in their pajamas or some other questionable attire. Now lets cram these fashionistas into 5 checkout lanes. You are behind a pajama clad individual who may or may not have taken a shower in this decade, you’re waiting, forever. The smell of sweat, alcohol, and semi rancid produce fills your nostrils.

Yep, definately Walm***s fault!

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Now I never have to leave the house.

As I sit here typing I am watching Anna do her school work. She recently started doing high school online. Lucky her, she now gets to spend even more time with me! How could that now be a good thing?

Of course I’m her learning mentor, which may jeopardize her entire high school career. It keeps us both busy though. She has all the school work to do plus some catching up since she started 9 days into the second semester, and I get to read all the emails they send plus record her attendance and submit her work! Yay me :)

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Social experiment update.

Wow, this is harder than I thought. I’ve been jonsing for a vine fix all day. I mean, every year I share my Christmas tree there.
My phone taunts me on a regular basis, I had to remove the vine shortcut because it was calling to me.
It’s possible that I may be losing what’s left of my mind! 😯

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