Social experiment update.

Wow, this is harder than I thought. I’ve been jonsing for a vine fix all day. I mean, every year I share my Christmas tree there.
My phone taunts me on a regular basis, I had to remove the vine shortcut because it was calling to me.
It’s possible that I may be losing what’s left of my mind! 😯

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A social experiment.

As of today I am giving up social media for as long as I can. Whether that be a week or a month remains to be seen. It had taken up so much of my time that I have neglected the most important things in my life.
I’m sure it’s going to be hard since I seem to be addicted to vine but all of it has sapped my creativity and swallowed up my free time. If you need to contact me you can still send me messages through most of the sites or just leave me a comment here.
God bless,
Jeff A.

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Giving the dog a bone

No I’m not in hiding, just dealing with health issues. I will be making more music soon. I hope!

Thanks for hanging in there and believing!

God bless.

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I’m a droid


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You should live your life in gratitude. God has given us so many things. We tend to take everything for granted now as we get older. It’s time to take a look around with fresh eyes, the eyes of a child. We are told to come to Christ as children, I’m beginning to understand that. God bless you all.

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Yum, Chinese food.


The waiting is the hardest part.

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I like this!

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Just a photo



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