Morning hover over the neighborhood. 

Short video of light snowfall let my subdivision. 

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Why I want a DJI Phantom 3

A sample of what I put up with when using cheap camera drone’s.

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Drone mania 

Been on a drone kick lately. So far just testing the limits and learning the controls. Latest test on YouTube

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The longing to travel 

I’ve been reading a lot of travel journals lately, Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett and such and it had awakened the wandering spirit in me. I’ve always wanted to travel to different countries and have little mini adventures but circumstances have never been on my side. 

I’m thankful that so many have wrote of their travels so I can live vicariously through them. Not only do I get to learn of different lands I also learn of the reasons why I would never survive the journey. From giant spiders to rebels who hate Americans, it would probably be more than I could handle. 

So thank you library and book stores for fulfilling a desire without my having to leave the safe comfort of my home and family. 

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This won’t end well. 

No word back yet on the sleep study, no idea why it would take this long to figure it out but whatever. 

Got a new phone, droid turbo 2, very nice. First time I’ve braved getting a phone that’s only been out 5 days. They say the battery will last two days, I say they haven’t seen how much I use my phone. 

I miss October already, I can never get enough cheesy horror flicks. 

Now I’m done with my random thoughts for the day, carry on!

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Why even bother?

So I had a sleep study last night. My thoughts, if I’m having trouble sleeping what makes you think wiring me up and making me look like jar jar banks will help? 

Got out of there at 5:30 am and was unable to fall back asleep, no surprise there. So I decided to write a post, nothing screams happy like a disgruntled sleep deprived blog post. 

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From here to infirmity. 

Getting old sucks!

That is all. 

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Day three

And I slept and slept!

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