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Will it still work from phone?

This is a test post!

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Having server issues

Be back soon!

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We’re here!



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At first I was sad when a favorite person blocked me from seeing his account. Then I became agitated, then obsessed. Now I’m just over it. Living with GAD is a pain in the butt, I hate when I become obsessed with things. In this case I just wanted to know why I was blocked.
He wouldn’t answer and so I found him on another social media site to again broach this question, his eloquent answer was to block me there too. Since I had three accounts I thought I would just silently follow so I could watch his videos since they made me laugh and if there’s one thing I need it’s a good laugh. Unfortunately, he figured out it was me. He threatened to report me and honestly I understand. I was bordering on stalking there.
There’s just not enough out there to brighten my day anymore. Medication eventually loses it’s effectiveness and you end up hating yourself all over again.
Although he will never see this I consider it my apology since he wouldn’t let me do it any other way. I no longer care to see his videos now nor will I in the future.
End psycho rant.

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We’re so sorry uncle Albert.

Nope, as usual the title has nothing to do with the post. I’ve been quite busy lately working on new songs and learning more tricks and techniques for my equipment.
I did manage to get some weather related photos taken but they’re all still on the camera, hey give me a break, I just took them today.


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Well, what the heck?

This was by far one of the mildest summers ever. No real severe storms to speak of. Only a few photos taken and they were only moderately ok.
I guess from here I just wait till next season and hope.

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Indiana weather blows.

Still no significant weather to speak of, although it did finally rain. I  saw lightning flash off in  the distance and that’s about it.
Other than that I’ve been playing around on Vine a lot, more than I probably should. I have found that unlike twitter, it’s darn hard to get followers on vine.
OK, it’s nap time, see ya all later!

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