From here to infirmity. 

Getting old sucks!

That is all. 

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Day three

And I slept and slept!

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Day two

The bamboo pillow is much better than feared. It has fluffed up nicely and has actually improved my sleep. It stays cool so you don’t wake up covered in sweat and trying to flip the pillow to find a cool spot. I guess the next test is how long will it stay fluffy. Most pillows lose their fluff after a few months, hopefully this one will last a bit longer. 

In other news, no storms no photos no fun!

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Day one

PSA: I’ve you ever get an bamboo pillow, remove it from its packaging well before bed to give it time to puff up. We opened ours just before bed and I tried to fluff it manually. What I ended up sleeping on was a semi fluffy pillow with what felt like a brick in the middle. Maybe day two will be better?

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Because you just can’t over post enough. 

Light rain  


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Say hello everybody

Really, that’s all I have! Soooooooo, hello.

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Boredom, thy name is Franklin.

Other than a few days where I was considering building an arc, the weather here has been less than impressive. Storm chasing has been a bust as there has been nothing worth chasing here.

On the plus side I acquired a Canon Powershot G11 super cheap. It was a gamble as I didn’t know for sure what was wrong with it. The only thing wrong was broken display, 8 bucks on eBay and waiting for it to come from china and I was in business. It works beautifully and I finally managed to get a G series camera. Yay me!

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A Little Lightning


Only good shot from last night.

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