Getting so much better all the time.

If you look over to the right in the now reading section you will note that I am currently reading The Maker’s Diet. Yeah thats right, it’s a diet book, but unlike any I have ever tried before. It is biblically based and quite interesting.

I picked this up because the Author, Jordan S. Rubin, has Chrones disease also. His was much worse than mine, he was pretty much on deaths door as he wasn’t responding to conventional treatment. He had begun trying everything that was recommended to him in the hopes of getting better.

The Maker’s diet is the result of his journey through illness. That is far from the whole story but if you really want to hear it all you should buy the book. The diet part itself is going to be hard as I will be required to give up a few things that I really love, the main one being pork. On the plus side I have already found alternatives to most of the pork products that I consume.

Hopefully following this diet will bring my digestive system back into some semblance of normality. Feeling this way all the time is very tiring and really doesn’t help with the depression all that much either.

I will try to keep you abreast of my progress through this blog when I start. I have to read through the whole book and prepare myself for this as it will be hard for me when everyone else in the house is eating something that I can no longer have. I have been dropping a few things here and there from my diet already so that I don’t have to drop everything all at once and go into some strange frenzy the first time I see someone eating bacon. I have added a category for this, hopefully I will stick to this and make some progress before I wimp out!

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  1. One Wink says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world with this diet. Food is one of those things that I have very little self-discipline with. But you have good reasons to make this work. So it will.

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