Nothing new under the sun.

That may not be entirely true but lets just go with it shall we?

There has been a lot of craziness going on over the last week. While I am not a liberty to divulge details; lets just say it has altered my world view. It has brought up emotions that I would just rather not deal with. Thank God for my bible, my meds and my iPod or I would probably have went off the deep end.

Enough about that though. As my Facebook followers know it has been raining a lot here, unfortunately there is nowhere left for the rain water to go so it has been flooding. Fortunately the water hasn’t gotten high enough to damage any homes that I’ve heard of. My favorite park though is under water, lots and lots of water.

The upside of this is it has given me the opportunity to shoot some video footage and learn some of the basics of video editing. While it will never replace my love of photography it is a fun diversion.

This weekend has been really rough on all of us and with that thought I am going to go to bed and toss and turn for a few hours!

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