Storm 08/09/2011

My first storm that I was able to follow was a blast. Had a few hiccups in the process, one being I forgot my camera so all I had was the one built into my phone. The other issue being that I was unable to get a hold of our local Skywarn net operators so I had to crank up my radio and talk with the central Indiana net. Once they got used to the fact that I tend to ramble we all got along great.

I did get to follow a cell that had rotation and even managed to generate a funnel but it never got past that stage. Probably a good thing considering the communication issues I was dealing with. So, lets get to some photos:


This is the cell when I started



Heavy precipitation, but still disorganized





Funnel as it was dying

Let me just take a moment to say that I was annoyed at this point. I had nowhere to pull off and my phone had slid off to the side. The funnel was quite impressive when I first spotted it.


Front of a new cell, cool look

I could have continued chasing but I was tired, mentally and physically. That precipitation in the distance was hard, fast, and as I found out, packed with pea size hail. I just sat on the side of the road and enjoyed the clattering on the roof of my truck till I could see the road again!

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